The Emotionographer

Kelvinbushan, founder of Kai Video Productions, began his career as a video production specialist in 1998, where he learned specialized lighting skills to capture images in a unique and ingenious way.  He served corporate clients such as Miller Brewery, Ford Motor Company, and the US Military just to name a few, and specialized in all facets of corporate video production. In 2003, the now Atlanta based internationally published photographer, found passion in captivating photographic images that speaks to the soul, which lead to the birth of Kelvinbushan photography.  Specializing in high fashion and beauty, he was able to travel to Canada and throughout the US. His style of photography is unique due to the fact that he motivates his models to perform at a level that allows them to exude emotions that they never realized they had in them. His love for creating new and interesting concepts in every shoot adds to the diversity, creativity, and edge that make his work distinct. “Emotions” is Kelvinbushan trademark, which sets him apart from the rest and gives his work a unique spin on photography.Kelvinbushan photographs has graced the cover of AMP magazine Chicago, as well as appeared in several spreads of AMP, HotLanta, MOD, Hopelessly Romantic International Magazine and others.  Kelvinbushan was born in Decatur, Georgia and presently lives in the suburbs of Atlanta where he serves high fashion models throughout the US. 

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